Do you want the best way to save your tooth?
Are you in pain?
Do you have a swelling?
Have you been told a tooth needs extracting?
Does your tooth wake you up in the middle of the night?
Is your tooth discoloured?

There’s no reason to fear the dreaded words Root Canal anymore. Our gentle clinician is highly experienced in these circumstances and knows exactly how to put you at ease. We will never judge you and make sure you suffer in pain no more.  Dr Barnes has a special interest in saving teeth through Root Canal Therapy and have saved many teeth leading to happy clients.

Have no fear as they have come a long way since those school dentist days, and here at The Lytham Dental Clinic we use the latest techniques to make sure everything is done to save your tooth. Rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Unfortunately, if your tooth isn’t suitable for a root treatment and we need to replace the tooth, fear not! There are still lots of options for you. One of these could be an implant.

If you’re ready to start your journey with us then please contact one of our endearing Treatment Co-Ordintators who will instantly put you at ease with their friendly manner.