Put a crown on, you deserve it!

Do you want the best way to save your tooth?
Do your fillings keep failing?
Have you had a Root Canal Treatment?
Do you have an unsightly large filling?
Unhappy with a black mark around the bottom of your existing crowns?

Simon came to us as he was unhappy with his smile. He's had crowns, whitening and composite bonding. He was a nervous patient at first but we went at Simon's pace. He was also able to spread the cost of his investment.

All our crowns are individually crafted by the finest technicians using the latest technology and highest quality materials. They will be hand painted to match the colour of your teeth. They should fit snuggly between your other teeth and they will be made bespoke to you. You’re family and friends won’t be able to tell the difference. 

Between them, our Dentists, have fitted thousands of crowns thus saving the lives of many teeth.