Dentures should fit like a glove.

Do you have a hole where your teeth used to be?
Do your dentures fit properly?
Do they rub and cause sore spots?
Are you worried about them falling out?
Do they look like real teeth?

Debbie was petrified when she first came to us. Having not had dental work in years she was reassured that we wouldn't judge her. Now she is smiling all the time, is more confident and enjoys coming to see us.

There are many kinds of dentures now a days. Some people need them to replace all of their teeth, others need a few dentures that fit around their existing teeth and fill in an unsightly gap. 

We are so proud of the dentures we make. We use the latest technologies and take the time to make them bespoke to you. Their design should fit like a glove so no more need for messy glue. 

Our dentures are made by skilled craftsmen to stop any worries of them falling out. Our aim at The Lytham Dental Clinic is to design you a set of dentures that fit like a glove so you can still be able to live life to the fullest. 

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach, they will be made bespoke to you. 

When you’re ready our accomplished dentists will carry out a thorough assessment, check your bite, your natural smile and how you chew. You will discuss what’s important to you and what you would like to achieve from your dentures. 

Your dentures will be so well made that your friends won’t know the difference. It’ll be up to you to tell them!