Let’s bridge that gap

Are you concerned about the spaces in your mouth getting bigger?
Do you want to raise your self esteem?

The bridges that have been created at The Lytham Dental Clinic have been life changing for our patients. No one wants to live with an unsightly gap. 

Bridges can be a much better alternative to dentures as they are fixed. They are prepared in a comparable way to crowns and look very similar. They will be hand made by skilled craftsmen and fitted beautifully between your existing teeth.  

Not only would bridges be offered to you for aesthetic reasons but also if gaps are left in your mouth for too long, your teeth will start to compensate. You might be finding that your teeth are moving or the gap is creating more wear and tear on your existing teeth. 

When fixing the bridges there are many options available for you. Here at the clinic we have the time to discuss all the options available to you at your consultation.