What do we do here?

A simple question, but with so many options available to patients these days, and with such a variance in the type and standard of dentistry available, it’s no wonder patients are confused!

As there are so many dentists offering general dentistry, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, finding the right clinicians can be a real challenge. Cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry are not specialised fields in the UK, therefore any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist or dental implantologist, whether they are a general dentist or truly an expert in the field.

However, you can be assured that we provide everything a patient needs in a calm, relaxing and comfortable facility:
  • We help you to prevent dental decay and gum disease so that you can retain your natural teeth for life. Virtually all dental disease is preventable, and prevention is our number one ethos which underpins all that we do here at The Clinic.
  • We firmly believe in minimal intervention dentistry. Unlike dentists of the past, we absolutely don’t “drill every tiny little thing that we don’t like the look of”!
  • We provide oral cancer screening to all patients at every review. Mouth cancer is a particularly serious condition that is very treatable if detected early.
  • We heal gums that are swollen or receded, and can recontour them to their former glory.
  • We restore teeth that are broken or chipped or suffer from decay, with beautifully sculpted mercury-free white fillings, placed as a matter of routine.
  • We provide beautiful, natural-looking all-ceramic metal-free crowns and bridges for teeth that need that extra support. Metal based crowns on front teeth, with unsightly black margins at the gum-line belong to yesteryear.
  • We can straighten misaligned or crooked teeth in around six months.
  • We offer dental implants, skilfully placed by our implantologist Dr Zurdo, and expertly restored by Dr Williams, to replace teeth that have been lost.
  • We provide highest quality, natural-looking dentures, which for amazing comfort and retention can be combined with implant stabilisation.
  • We remove stains on your teeth, and also restore the shade of your teeth to give you a brighter and more youthful look, using a variety of options. We use the very latest whitening techniques for exceptional results.
  • We perform painless root canal therapy in order to save teeth that would otherwise be extracted.
  • We provide surgery where required, and painlessly remove teeth that can no longer be saved.
  • We deliver access to a carefully chosen range of leading specialists (where appropriate) who will help us fulfil all your dental needs.
  • We offer treatments to smooth lines and wrinkles (commonly known as BOTOX).
  • And what we are really good at and get great satisfaction from, is restoring a patient’s smile using the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, including digital imaging and a full pre-operative 3-D interpretation of your intended cosmetic outcome. 

How do we do it?

That’s our secret! But a clue to our success is that:

  • We travel the world to work with and train with the leading dental experts in each field giving you the most innovative and up-to-date thinking and techniques in dentistry.
  • We plan our treatment so carefully and meticulously that results are predictable and we get it right first-time.
  • We work with some of the world’s finest laboratories, to give you the most beautiful and natural results.
  • We use the highest quality materials.
  • We use the most technologically advanced equipment available including full computerisation, digital radiography, digital photography, intra-oral cameras, digital automatic shade-matching, 3D modelling, cosmetic imaging software, magnifying loupes and dental air-polishing. And for additional peace of mind, we have also invested in an external automated defibrillator.
  • We use the best specialists where necessary.
  • We provide our treatment in such a gentle way, that patients are more inclined to embark on preventive treatment rather than wait until their teeth and gums cause them pain.
  • We love the work we do! And we treat every patient as if you were a member of our own family.

We believe that being a member of The Lytham Dental Clinic will present you with the opportunity to access the most progressive and innovative dental care within a friendly and professional atmosphere.

So pick up the phone or click here and experience The Lytham Dental Clinic!


Why is dentistry cheaper abroad?

If you’re considering travelling abroad for dental treatment, it’s important you are fully aware of what to expect and what risks are involved. You may know how to raise concerns about your dental treatment in the UK, but are you familiar with the process in a foreign country?

To help you make an informed decision about your dental care, the General Dental Council has produced a guide on travelling abroad for dental treatment in association with the British Dental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading oral health charity.

In general, in poorer countries the standards and training are rarely the same as UK, Western Europe, USA, Australia etc., no matter how "flash" the adverts, or how wild the promises of better standards and quality than the UK. For example it is not unusual for dentists in poorer countries not to wear gloves during treatment. Certainly treating dental patients without wearing gloves would not be regarded as safe or normal practice in the UK today, let alone better!

Dentistry is cheaper for a reason and we only get what we pay for. Many of these ‘dental tourism’ countries actually needed medical and dental aid, including education until only relatively recently.

With HIV and the increased rates now of Hepatitis A, B and C, plus the further East you go the more resistant infections are to any treatment back here in the UK egg., TB, Bird Flu, conjunctivitis etc., one cannot help wondering what else may be compromised if the fact that poorer standards than the UK are regarded as OK or normal in such countries!

So whilst we may not be the cheapest or indeed the most expensive actually, if you can find the same quality of diagnosis, treatment planning, materials, qualifications, experience and long track-record for less, please do let us know - thousands believe we are great value for the level of established expertise one is getting.

Doing the wrong thing in the wrong way is very poor value for money long-term, even if it was cheaper in the first instance. Because your teeth ideally need to last for life, they are not disposable like a cheap DVD copy bought on holiday abroad - your health is far more valuable and non-disposable than that. In fact, here at The Lytham Dental Clinic we have already seen the effects of poorly planned and poorly executed treatment abroad and have had to provide corrective treatment a number of times already.

We hope that whether you seek your treatment from us or elsewhere, the wide range of information provided on our website will help you in discussions with your own dentist, so you can fully consider which options best meet your needs, budget and long-term wishes for your dental health, and as always prevention is cheaper, simpler and better than cure.

Charity Work

Working at The Lytham Dental Clinic, we all realise that we are in a very privileged position to serve our neighbourhood. We therefore, feel that it is important for us to give something back.

Since the clinic opened, some nine years ago, we have strongly supported Cancer Research, and Oral Cancer Awareness. Naturally, we regularly screen all of our patients for signs of mouth cancer and indeed, recently we regularly give up a full day of our time to offer our community free oral cancer screening, for people who either did not already have a dentist, or for patients who felt that their dentist did not provide this important service. During the day, we were able to examine and reassure over 30 patients. Happily, most patients were found to be free from any signs of the disease, however, unfortunately one patient was referred on to a specialist oral surgeon for further care.

Another charity which is important to us is Facing the World. This children's charity was set up by some of the UK's leading craniofacial surgeons so that children with severe facial deformities and in desperate need, living without hope in some of the world's poorest countries can have access to the very best surgery to transform their faces and radically change their futures. In the last couple of years we have held fund raising activities, notably a very successful charity tooth-whitening day, where we are proud to announce that we raised £1,813.50. We continue to support the charity, and so if you wish to make a donation please do not hesitate to contact the reception team.

On a local level, we frequently provide our services free of charge to deserving members of our community who could not normally access our services. The tears of gratitude and hugs of friendship demonstrated by these lovely people make our days very worthwhile.

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