What is a white filling?

A white or more correctly, tooth-coloured filling is a modern resin composite material used to restore cavities, holes and fractures in teeth.

Surprisingly still widely utilised in the UK today by most dentists, mercury amalgam fillings have been used for well over 150 years! Fortunately materials and technology have advanced since then, and for all the fillings provided here at The Lytham Dental Clinic, we routinely use the latest tooth-coloured filling materials.


The tooth-coloured material actually adheres and bonds to the teeth. Therefore, it helps to prevent fractures and holds teeth together better than the mercury fillings ever did. And, yet another benefit, white fillings require much less tooth preparation and therefore more conservation of tooth structure than mercury amalgam fillings, which require removal of healthy enamel and dentine to create mechanical undercuts to lock them in to the tooth.

As the fillings that we provide are beautifully sculpted to look like teeth, and not look like fillings, the change in appearance is quite stunning! The process is simple and usually performed in just one appointment. So why not transform an aged smile into a clean, healthy youthful look.

Why would white fillings be suitable for me?

You want to have a clean, healthy look to your teeth and not show grey/ black mercury amalgam fillings when you smile. In addition, you may have concerns about the use of a highly toxic metal (mercury is the second most toxic metal known to man!) placed in your mouth.

Case Studies by © Dr Timothy Williams:



Q. Why is mercury amalgam still so widely used?

A. The simple answer is that it is quick and cheap. In the future, due to issues with mercury toxicity, it will no longer be used in the UK. There is already a ban on its use in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Japan. In The USA there are already regulations in place to phase-down the use of mercury amalgam.

Q. Are tooth-coloured fillings as strong as amalgam fillings?

A. Absolutely! In fact, in some circumstances they are much stronger due to their inherent adhesive properties.

Q. Do all tooth-coloured fillings look great?

A. Unfortunately not. In our experience, we see many patients new to us, who have had tooth-coloured fillings in the past which just look like, well.…. fillings! Here at The Lytham Dental Clinic, we have a special interest in white fillings: Dr Williams has undergone in-depth training and has a great talent to make his tooth-coloured fillings look and function like natural teeth. Our patients love them!

Q. Is it difficult to replace mercury amalgam fillings? 

A. No, the process is simple and usually performed in just one appointment.

Q. How much will it cost? 

A. White fillings can be a life changing yet very affordable procedure, especially where patients have been unable to to smile for fear of showng a large black filling. The cost of white fillings really depends on your individual needs, the type of treatments needed and the materials used. At your initial appointment, we will discuss this with you and also provide you with a full treatment plan and estimate of costs. We will also provide you with payment plan options that can make cosmetic dental improvements affordable for you.

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