Cfast® (Cosmetically focused adult straight teeth)

Dr Stuart Barnes and Dr Timothy Williams, here at The Lytham Dental Clinic,  are two of only a handful of trained and authorised practitioners in the North West for the amazing Cfast® system.


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Just think, in a few months you could be smiling like a star.

Cfast® is.....

Fast - you will have straight front teeth in about six months.

Discreet - the wires and brackets are almost invisible.

Affordable - the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost.

Talk to The Lytham Dental Clinic today about Cfast® - the revolutionary way to the smile you've always wanted.

What is Cfast®?

Cfast® is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth, and can level and round out the arches, thus satisfying the needs of the vast majority of adult patients who seek orthodontic treatment.

Cfast® uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. The treatment works much like that using clear aligners, but tooth movement is often more predictable and usually quicker.

Why would Cfast® be suitable for me?

You have crowding and alignment issues with your front teeth and want a fast, effective minimally invasive solution.

Case Studies by © Dr Timothy Williams:



Q. Cfast® sounds too good to be true - what's the catch?

A.  There isn't one.  Cfast® is a fast, effective and affordable treatment when adult patients are seeking to correct their smiles.  Because it does not claim to address major orthodontic issues, Cfast® can be done very quickly, making it more affordable than most other orthodontic options.

Q. How can Cfast® straighten the teeth in such a short time?

A.  Cfast® takes less time because it focuses only on the "social six", the front teeth that most influence the smile.  The process is further enhanced with the use of special nickel-titanium wires, which exert gentle pressure to induce movement in the teeth.

Q.  Braces are unpopular with adult patients. Isn't it the same with Cfast®?

A.  No.  With its clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast® is barely noticeable - and they're worn for a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.

Q. Normal braces can be very uncomfortable. Is Cfast®?

A.  Standard orthodontic mechanics are still involved, but because it's just the front teeth, the force required is minimal.  The nickel-titanium wires exert mild pressure to force the teeth to move, and this is done without any need for severe tightening.

Q.  Is a retainer necessary at the end of treatment?

A.  Yes.  Like all tooth-straightening treatments, the gain of Cfast® may be lost if a retainer is not worn.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. For a single arch, your investment will be from £1995, and £2995 for upper and lower arches together. The short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost compared to traditional orthodontic treatment. At your initial appointment, we will provide you with a fully itemised treatment plan and estimate of costs. We will also provide you with payment plan options that can make teeth straightening affordable for you.

Q. What can I do about my uneven teeth?

A. Are the teeth overlapping each other? Are there spaces between the teeth? Is the gum line too low or too high? Have the teeth worn away because of grinding? Depending on the answers to these questions and numerous others, a different approach may be necessary to correct the uneven look. After a smile consultation with Dr Williams we can get a general feel of what’s the best approach.

Q. I have a gap between my two front teeth. Can it be closed?

A. Yes! There are a number of ways to correct this problem, which may include one or more of the following: orthodontics, porcelain veneers, crowns and bonding. Occasionally we may also recommend gum contouring to help with the final result.

Q. I have ‘Buck’ teeth that stick out. Is there anything that can be done?

A. Absolutely. And sometimes the solution may be as simple as recontouring and reshaping the teeth which will take one simple visit to complete. Some situations may require invisible braces such as Cfast or In-Line Orthodontics to correct. Occasionally, we may to do a combination of invisible braces to reposition teeth and porcelain veneers if the shapes of the teeth are not harmonious with each other and the facial proportions. Since each situation is unique, we’ll have a better idea what is necessary after a cosmetic consultation.

Q. I don’t want braces; can I still have a beautiful smile?

A. We get this question asked a lot and the answer is more than likely, yes. However, there are times when teeth are so misaligned that we have no choice but to resort to both options of moving teeth and then adjusting the cosmetics. Only with careful analysis of tooth proportions and jaw dimensions are we able to determine that for certain. We have been able to help so many people who had absolutely refused braces without compromising the end result. That said, braces are not necessarily right for every case either. For various reasons sometimes braces would not even be the right choice to make a smile beautiful, however, if they are indicated we use ‘invisible’ brace systems such as Cfast.

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